Update on District’s COVID mitigation policy change

The District 203 Board of Education met in an impromptu emergency session this morning and, as you have recently been informed, have announced a shift in mask policy based on local transmission and vaccination rates and as of Tuesday February 15th,  masks will remain strongly recommended in District 203, but they will no longer be... Continue Reading →

Update on COVID mitigation efforts and mandate litigation

As you are all aware, a judge in downstate Illinois issued a temporary restraining order with regard to the governor’s mask mandate late in the day on Friday. That order has been the subject of tremendous speculation all weekend with regard to what it meant or did not mean. Attorneys from various districts and from... Continue Reading →

Update on Masking & Quarantine case

Fellow NUMA Members, Arguments were heard by Judge Raylene D. Grischow yesterday on the Plaintiff’s motion for TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) in the case regarding mask mandate and quarantine requirements. She took the TRO motion under advisement, meaning that a ruling is differed. Having given both sides until January 27th to file Orders, there will... Continue Reading →

Heads-up on mandate ruling

This update comes in the interest of keeping you all in the loop and as a potentially important heads-up. Some of you are aware that a lawsuit challenging the statewide school mask mandate and quarantine requirements for students (Austin V. The B.O.E. of C.U.S.D. #300, et al.) has been winding its way through the Illinois... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year, NUMA!

 I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and are getting a little time away to relax and recharge. You all deserve it and there’s nothing more important than maintaining your health and general wellbeing. 2022 may be starting off under less than ideal circumstances, but looking through the smoke of the dumpster fire I can see... Continue Reading →

Election Results: 12/7/2021

Election held: 12/7/2021 Votes Tallied: 12/9/2021 NUMA Delegate to the 2022 IEA Representative Assembly: Leslie Fromhertz – 112 VotesWrite inWrite in Congratulations Leslie, and thank you for stepping up to represent NUMA’s voice at the R.A.! The two write in candidates will be contacted by the NUMA Elections Committee to determine if they wish to... Continue Reading →

Support for NESPA!

The greatest strength we have as a Union lies in our support and advocacy for one another... Our voices are loudest when they ring out together! Right now, our voices are needed to help support The Naperville Educational Support Professionals Association (NESPA) as they fight to reach a fair agreement with the Board. Below is... Continue Reading →

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