Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the elected officers of NUMA:

The Elected Officers are The President, The Vice-President, The Treasurer, The Secretary, and the Region Council Representative all of whom are elected by the membership to two (2) year terms.

There is also the NEA-RA Representative, elected yearly by the membership to represent NUMA at the NEA Representative Assembly, who is not a member of the Executive Board.

We also have Association Reps (AR’s) who are elected every 2 years to represent each building and help with disseminating  Union information to and from the membership but are not members of the Executive Board.


What are the Duties of the Executive Officers on the Executive Board:

Click here:  Bylaws 2012    and start reading on Page 4.  There you will find an in depth description of each Executive Officer’s duties.


What does NUMA have to do with IEA or NEA:

NEA (National Education Association) is the national union organization that we belong to.  IEA (Illinois Education Association) is the Illinois chapter of the NEA that we belong to.  School District 203 is in Region 39 of the IEA.  NUMA is the Local that represents building and grounds, custodial, and maintenance personnel.

In Region 39 we also have the Following Locals:   NUEA represents teachers and other certified staff, NESPA which represent Support Personnel,  and the NTA which represent Transportation Employees.


 How does one run for an election:

Elections to the Executive Board are held each year in early March.

A note from the Executive Board, called “A call For Candidates,”  will be sent out in early February.  This will have a list of the Positions that are up for election.  You will have at least a week to contact an Executive Board Member by mail, e-mail, or phone to have yourself placed on the ballot in the position you wish to run for.

Then you just have wait for the election, and the results.


What Insurance company do we have:

We have a couple.

Blue Cross Blue Shield for Heath Insurance and Prescription Drugs.

1-800-458-6024     http://bcbsil.com/

Delta Dental for Dental Insurance.

1-800-3231743    http://www.deltadental.com/Public/index.jsp

Humana Vision for Vision Insurance.

1-866-537-0229     http://humanavisioncare.com/


How does one get insurance:

When you are hired, you are given the option to start your health insurance.  If you pass on it then, you have to wait till there is an open enrollment period (which happens very infrequently).  However…

Exceptions are made for Change of Life situations, to some degree.  Change of Life situations include births and deaths, marriages and divorces, and loss of other insurance.  There are strict rules regarding this, and it is best to call CUSD203 Employee Benefits Director Andi Pevitz-Koek for further information on this at 630-420-6327


What do I do if I feel overwhelmed with personal problems:

Contact the Employee Assistance Program.

 “All of us experience personal problems during our lives. We solve most of them ourselves. However, some problems are more serious and require outside help for successful resolution. EAP is a free, voluntary, and confidential referral service to employees and their family members. If you or your family need caring, confidential services to address a personal concern such as:

Relationship – (spousal/significant other – parenting – work-related – aging parents). Depression/Anxiety.  Substance Abuse.  Eating Disorders.  Stress.  Grief and Loss.  Legal problems.  Financial problems.  Health/Medical problems.

Employee Assistance Pamphlet  or Call 630-420-6315

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