CALL FOR CANDIDATES 2023 NEA-RA: This year the RA is in Orlando, FL. The conference dates are July 2-6, 2023. Travel and boarding expenses will be reimbursed. NUMA Executive Board positions (2 year term): President Treasurer Region Representative If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please submit your intent in writing... Continue Reading →

NUMA 2022-2027 Contract

The contract has finally been added to the site! Apologies for the delay. You can find it under the "Contract Archives" tab. Just click the tab and scroll down to the current contract. Or just CLICK HERE!

10/25/2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Will Lewis, Nicole Weaver, Leslie Fromhertz, Dion Hill Time: 6:03 AM Location: Ellsworth Elementary Topics: Possible dates for the upcoming budget meeting were discussed. Upcoming IEA/RA Assembly meeting (March 9-11, 2023) Discussions on NUMA members getting involved and getting on the ballot for elections being held December 7, 2022, so they may too... Continue Reading →

9/27/2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Will Lewis, Nicole Weaver, Mike Kruk, Dion Hill Time: 6:07 AM Location: Kingsley Elementary Topics: IEA Union member cards are in. Will distribute to membership. Mike Kruk has a list of what buildings members are located at. Will Lewis will send out a reminder about the Wednesday before Thanksgiving - we are working.... Continue Reading →


NUMA Members, We wanted to take this time to update everyone on things we have been working on with our executive team.  As a team that has seen some changes over the last couple of weeks we would like to take this time to keep everyone informed.  We have been meeting and working on our... Continue Reading →


As some of you may or may not be aware there have been some recent changes within our NUMA executive board over the last week with Kevin taking on his new role as the District operations manager.  We wish him the best of luck in his new position.  I would like to bring you up... Continue Reading →


Election held: 3/08/2022 Votes tallied: 3/09/2022 NUMA Vice President Will Lewis NUMA Secretary Leslie Fromhertz NUMA Delegate to 2022 NEA RA Leslie Fromhertz^ Region 39 Chair Rob Hunt* Region 39 Vice Chair Kristyn Reed* *These results are based on NUMA vote tallies ONLY. They are not official until vote tallies are in from NUEA, NESPA,... Continue Reading →

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