Election held: 3/08/2022

Votes tallied: 3/09/2022

NUMA Vice President

Will Lewis

NUMA Secretary

Leslie Fromhertz

NUMA Delegate to 2022 NEA RA

Leslie Fromhertz^

Region 39 Chair

Rob Hunt*

Region 39 Vice Chair

Kristyn Reed*

*These results are based on NUMA vote tallies ONLY. They are not official until vote tallies are in from NUEA, NESPA, and NTA. When those tallies become available, we will send a final result on who will become Chair and Vice Chair for Region 39.

Congratulations to all and thank you NUMA for taking the time to run the election in your building and to the members who voted.

^We will reach out to write-in candidates for the NEA RA as back up delegates.

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