NUMA Members,

We wanted to take this time to update everyone on things we have been working on with our executive team.  As a team that has seen some changes over the last couple of weeks we would like to take this time to keep everyone informed.  We have been meeting and working on our bargaining proposals over the last few months, along with working on the proposals we submitted our petition to bargain.  The district had responded to our request a couple of weeks ago and we had set a time for our first meeting.  With that being said we had our first meeting on 3/14/2022,  where we have begun the process of trading proposals.  Even though we are unable to discuss the specifics of bargaining, we can say as a team that we are excited to get started and look forward to representing our members.  We will continue to work hard as a team and move forward with the best interest of our members in mind.  We will send continued messages of progress as well as other updates from the NUMA organization.  As always if there any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to any of the members of our executive team.


Your NUMA executive team

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