9/27/2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Will Lewis, Nicole Weaver, Mike Kruk, Dion Hill

Time: 6:07 AM

Location: Kingsley Elementary


  • IEA Union member cards are in. Will distribute to membership. Mike Kruk has a list of what buildings members are located at.
  • Will Lewis will send out a reminder about the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – we are working. The school calendar is wrong, says buildings are closed.
  • Kevin Bee (Ops Manager) has picked a new uniform company. Order items and company will take and wash them. Lockers to be in every building for uniforms. Will & Nicole are going to talk to Pat Dolan (B&G Director) and Kevin Bee (Ops Manager) about a shoe allowance and if sweatshirts will be offered.
  • Questions about HRs classification of shifts. Mid/swing shift until 1:00 PM. Anyone coming in at 1:00 PM or after is second shift and should receive a 2nd shift stipend.
  • Continue to monitor job postings to assure accuracy, also to make sure the pay rate is represented accurately.
  • Discussion about sick day approval/procedure (Comments omitted for confidentiality)
  • Time clock approval. Ask in labor management meetings if Kronos can track the specific school an employee clocks in at. Main purpose is to track overtime per building, not “home” school. What school should be charged?
  • Discussion about shift changes during summer/breaks. Can shifts be changed (1st shift 3mo/2nd shift 9mo) to cut back on OT when outside groups are renting the buildings? Looking into contract and past practice. Also looking at how/what outside groups are charged to rent buildings.
  • Executive board working with Pat & Kevin about a shoe allowance. Trial run will start with Head Custodians/Maintenance/District Utility. Voucher amount TBD. Company/options TBD.

Meeting adjourned approximately 6:50 AM


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