Update on District’s COVID mitigation policy change

The District 203 Board of Education met in an impromptu emergency session this morning and, as you have recently been informed, have announced a shift in mask policy based on local transmission and vaccination rates and as of Tuesday February 15th,  masks will remain strongly recommended in District 203, but they will no longer be required.

Please note that the change does not take effect until Tuesday so on Monday the 14th the mask requirement will still be in place. As of Tuesday, it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask in spaces occupied by other staff and students. Masking continues to be an effective method of keeping the transmission rates low and helping us all get one day closer to the end of this pandemic.

As I mentioned in last week’s message, we recognize that there are differences of opinion on this issue and that this decision will likely be celebrated by some while regarded with dread by others, but I will once again ask that we all approach this situation with respect, understanding and support for one another regardless of your position or opinion on the issue. We have every confidence in our ability to navigate this next step with integrity and respect as responsible stewards of our buildings and communities.

Kevin Bee

President, Naperville Unit Maintenance Association

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