Update 3/31/2020: Governor’s Stay at home order & School closure extended

Today Governor Pritzker extended the Stay at Home Order, as well as the closure of Illinois schools, until April 30th. I know some members have expressed concern about whether they will continue to be paid through the extended closure, so I will again point you to the joint statement issued on Friday which states:


     “Through the duration of the suspension of in-person learning, all school district employees on the district’s payroll will get paid as if the schools were functioning normally and they were performing their normal work, regardless of the district instructional remote learning plans developed during this time. 

Normal pay includes salary, hourly and stipend pay, benefits, and employees will receive full and normal service credit in their pension systems.”

“Through the period of the suspension of in-person learning, the employer can expect school district employees to participate in work activities in some form.”


This means that even if/when the order is extended, we will continue to receive our pay and benefits in the same manner we have, with the same expectation to perform duties essential to the operation of our facilities and the district, since the initial order was issued by Governor Pritzker on 3/21.


     The full statement can be found here:  joint statement 3/27


-Kevin Bee

NUMA President


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