NUMA Update-3/29/20

Heading into our second week of On Call/ Building Watch/ Essential duties mode, I have a couple of reminders for everyone. During the period of school closure we are all being paid as if we were working a normal day and may be required to report in to work to perform duties essential to the operation of the facilities, the district and/or the community. Because we are being paid whether we are asked to report in or not, we are not punching in and there is no extra pay for reporting to work as assigned, it is all part of the whole package.

If you are sick, please don’t volunteer for shifts or come in. I cannot stress this point enough. Your health and safety and the health and safety of the entire community are the number one priority. When you do come in, practice good hygiene and good sense. Wear gloves, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing standards. If you are not being called in, please stay at home as much as possible and limit your interaction with others when you do have to go outside. We all need to do our part.

This week (3/30-4/3) is, technically, Spring Break. As you are all hopefully aware, Governor Pritzker’s stay at home order is currently in place until 4/7, so we will continue to be on call and performing only the essential work that we have been for the past week. You will not be reporting to work on Monday unless you are scheduled for a building watch or other specific assignment.

Remember to keep checking your email for updates from The District, Buildings & Grounds and NUMA/IEA.


State School Superintendent Carmen Ayala, Ph.D., Updated IEA leadership on Friday, declaring all of the days from March 31 until school resumed in-person would be “Remote Learning Days.” Some important points about these remote learning days as pertains to us:

  1. They do not have to be made up at the end of the year.
  2. All employees continue to be paid in the same way they have been paid during these last two weeks of Act of God days.

With Dr. Ayala’s update, an Updated joint statement has been provided by the Governor’s office, IEA, IFT, IASA, IPA and ISBE about the days going forward. This statement delineates between eLearning and remote learning, emphasizes the importance of collaboration, ensures employees will be paid and students will be fed, and allows districts to call on employees to work in safe conditions.

We will continue to update you regularly as new information comes in.

Kevin Bee

NUMA President

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