2020-2021 school year update

We are quickly approaching the start of a school year that will be unlike any other, to say the least. Now that the District has presented it’s Return To Learn plan, we have at least a broad overview of what to expect when classes begin next month. There will be more details worked out, some things may be changed, added or omitted along the way, but we can expect to have staff and students returning to our buildings in some way.

     There is a lot to unpack with this plan and a relatively short amount of time to do it, but with this communication I would like to start the conversation with all of you to get a sense of your perspective on this. What are your concerns, insights, suggestions? What can we, your Union representation, do to help?

I would also like to echo Pat Dolan’s message from yesterday about the health and safety guidelines. This is maybe the most important component of this situation and we have to take it seriously, particularly in our positions on the front line of infection prevention. Masks, social distancing, hand washing and vigilance are our most effective tools to navigate this troubling landscape and to prevent the further transmission of COVID-19. We have to approach every day and every situation with an abundance of caution in order to ensure the well being of ourselves, our families and our communities. 

     We are working with the other IEA local associations (NUEA, NESPA and NTA) as well as Buildings and Grounds management and District leadership to ensure that the Return To Learn Plan can be implemented with the health, safety and well being of all staff and students as the highest priority. We would appreciate your input as we all try to work this out together.

You can contact me, NUMA President Kevin Bee or NUMA Vice President Will Lewis via the contact information listed below.


Kevin Bee: 630-201-6550 / kbeenuma@gmail.com

Will Lewis: 630-461-5544 / Williamlewis1914@yahoo.com


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