The following positions will be on the ballot for our March 9th 2021 Election.

Nomination is open to ALL active NUMA Members.

  • NUMA Delegate to the 2021 Virtual NEA Representative to the Assembly (July 2, 2021 – July6, 2021)
  • NUMA President (2 year Term)
  • NUMA Treasurer (2 year Term)
  • NUMA Region 39 Representative (2 year Term)
  • IEA Region 39 Ethinic Minority Rep. (3 year Term)
  • NUMA Building Rep-NNHS (2 positions, 2 year Term)

If interested in running for any of the positions, or if you would like more information,

Contact: NUMA Elections Chair Will Lewis by 2:00 pm on february 9, 2021

Email: Phone: 630-461-5544

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