Covid-19, school closures 3/13/20

As you are likely aware by now, in response to the evolving Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, The District has closed schools and cancelled events through April 6th (tentatively). I met with District leadership and the President’s of the other three locals  today to discuss how this will effect our respective memberships. While this is uncharted territory for the district, it’s staff and students, the adjustments made concerning all of building and grounds (NUMA) employees will be minimal.

Basically, as far as work schedules go it will be business as usual. We will continue to report to work when we normally do and will continue to be paid accordingly.  Vacation time will be honored and if you are sick, please report this as you usually do. With stipends being paid for working specific shifts, and to maintain building coverage, we will adhere to the schedules that we do on any given workday.

While the plan is to have all of the districts staff working in one capacity or another, remember that only NUMA/ Buildings and Grounds employees should be doing cleaning and maintenance work. If you are asked to put other staff (aides/ assistants/etc..) to work please let us know right away.

This is, again, uncharted territory and adjustments will likely be made along the way, but we will be working and we will be getting paid the same as we always do. We will update you whenever new pertinent information becomes available.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to give me a call at (630)201-6550, or you can contact Pat Dolan, Bob Rechenmacher or Paul Bennetazzo.

– Kevin Bee, NUMA President





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