Election Results- 3/4/2020

NUMA Results- March 4th 2020 Election


NUMA Secretary:

  Leslie Fromhertz: 118 votes (Winner)

  Write in: 2 (Gail Perez- 1 Vote, Coy McAllister- 1 Vote)


NUMA Delegate to the NEA RA

  Scott Lange: 114 Votes (Winner)

  Write in: 1 (Dave Schield- 1 Vote)


NUMA Vice President

  Will Lewis: 68 Votes (Winner)

  Nicole Weaver: 54 Votes

  Write in: 1 (Don WIlkerson- 2 Votes)


Region 39 Ethnic Minority Representative

Ray Cancino: 49 Votes

Tony Cardoza: 73 Votes (Local Winner)

Write in: 1 (Coy McAllister- 1 Vote)


Congratulations to Leslie, Scott and Will and a huge thank you to everyone who stepped up to run in this election. Keep it up, We can only get better with more involvement!


For the position of Region 39 Ethnic Minority Representative, because it is a Region position all four of our Local Associations (NUMA, NESPA, NUEA, NTA) must vote on it and the collective vote counts are tallied to determine who will fill the slot. When the results are in from all elections we will update further.


I would also like to take this opportunity to send a collective expression of our gratitude to Don Wilkerson as he ends his run as your NUMA Vice President. To say that Don has been an integral part in making our Association what it is today would be a tremendous understatement, He has given more of his time, energy, heart and soul than most could ever know. His commitment to serving NUMA’s membership is a benchmark which inspires us all to do more, try harder and be better. Thanks Don, On behalf of the NUMA membership I can say that you have made a difference and we all greatly appreciate it.

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