Update on 20-21 school year (8/1/20)

    (8/1/2020)  Friday afternoon, Superintendent Dan Bridges sent a message to the District 203 staff and community with the updated plan for the 2020-2021 school year return to learn plan, a four stage process which begins September 1st with 6 weeks of fully remote learning. From there, the district will assess conditions to determine if it will move into stage 2, enhanced E-Learning. You can read the full updated return to learn plan Here, but I want to address the impact this will have on you.

     I know there have been concerns over whether or not we will be needed to staff our buildings, particularly in a remote learning environment. Even though we will begin with fully remote instruction for students, our buildings will be open and there will be staff working from the buildings. We will have child care as provided by Champions and YMCA, and High School athletics will be going on. We will all continue working, essential as ever.

     Health and safety remain the highest priority. In our talks with district administration, they have taken our concerns seriously throughout this situation and we have all worked to develop and implement policies designed to keep everyone as safe as possible. These policies will remain in place for as long as they are needed to mitigate the spread of coronavirus through our communities. Wear your masks, keep your distance and wash & sanitize your hands. These are not suggestions, they are policies which will be enforced for all district employees and students at every level. Please be aware that, as with all district policies, violations can result in disciplinary measures.

     There are still a lot of details that need to be coordinated and communicated. We will continue working with District administration and Buildings & Grounds management to make sure it is all clearly and widely communicated so that we can go into this new school year, unrecognizable as it may be, with the same clear sense of purpose and commitment as ever.


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