NUMA Update: 3/25/2020


I hope you’re all doing well and adjusting as best you can. By now I trust that everyone has either read the communications from Pat Dolan on how we will proceed for, at the very least, the next couple of weeks or been filled in by their supervisor. I would encourage everyone to check their work email daily for official updates.

While we wait for further word from the official channels on timelines and the statuses of Illinois’ schools, businesses and life in general, I have a couple of quick bits of important information for you.

  • If your spouse/partner is no longer able to receive insurance through their employer and you want to change your employee benefits to cover them, please contact Benefits Coordinator Andi Koek at (630)420-6327 as soon as possible, the 31 day window for these changes is still in effect.
  • From our Benefits Handbook:

Experiencing an IRS Qualifying Life Event:  Employees have 31 days from the date of a Qualifying Life Event (Marriage/Divorce, Baby/Adoption, Loss of Insurance Coverage) to make changes to their employee benefits. In order to make new elections due to a Qualifying Life Event, the employee must make the change to their Employee Benefit Account and submit required documentation to the D203 Benefits Specialist within 31 days of the Qualifying Life Event date

I expect there to be more information from the Governor and ISBE in the coming days, I will communicate this information as it comes in and you will of course receive direction from Buildings & Grounds and the District if and when anything changes.

Kevin Bee

NUMA President


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