NUMA News: 12/3/2019

Welcome back, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving break. This was the first year in as long as most (all?) of us can remember that we had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. Prior years saw us, District 203’s essential B&G employees, being the only group reporting to work that day. We would like to hear your thoughts on the change, do you prefer having Wednesday as a scheduled holiday? Did you prefer when we had that extra work day to catch up on things, run trainings and such, with the floating holiday to use at your convenience? Let us know in the comments section or by email.

We have our Fall Elections next Tuesday, December 10th. You will be voting for your NUMA delegate to the IEA Representative Assembly in the Spring and, while we have two candidates on the ballot, all write in votes will also be counted in the final tally.

Other news and information:

  1. 2020 IEA-NEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy (ESP-ELA): Deadline to apply is Dec. 6. Information/application
  2. Funding requests for the following conferences will be accepted through Dec. 6:



  1. IEA ESP National Conference – March 20-22, New Orleans: The NEA ESP conference is the premier professional development opportunity for education support professionals across the nation. Details and registration information. Early bird registration is Dec. 1-31.


  1. The ESP of the Year award is meant to emphasize the contributions of education support professionals to their association, their schools and their communities. For details and the application, go to the ESP page on the IEA website. Applications are due Jan. 15.


  1. Stacey Burroughs Education Scholarship – $2,500 for college: Applicants must be graduating seniors heading to college. Applicants must have at least one parent or legal guardian who is a school employee. Scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement, career goals and character. Information/application. Applications are due Jan. 31.
  2. Request for ESP Council Member to Attend Event: Bring ESP Council members to your next meeting. Presidents, Region Chairs, and members can now invite members of the ESP Council to your local or regional meetings by using this request form.
  • Reminder to shop IEA’s holiday store through Dec. 2!
  • NEA Member Benefits

Hot Deals and Discounts from NEA Member Benefits—November 2019

Hot Deals and Discounts from NEA Member Benefits—December 2019

3 thoughts on “NUMA News: 12/3/2019

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  1. Really liked having the extra day off to spend with family!!! Also to get everything ready for the holiday!!! Was nice. Would like to see it done again.

  2. I loved the holiday! It was great to have an extra day to be with family, travel time if your planning to travel, and prep time for the Thanksgiving feast. It was so nice to have a “breather” day!

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