No thanks, I.P.I.

Dear NUMA Members,

Members are getting a direct mailer from the Illinois Policy Institute encouraging members to drop their union membership. In this mailer are directions, the letter to send to the district and local president, and 2 postage paid envelopes to send to the union and the district. If you go to their website,, you will see targeted locals (so far): Bloomington Education Association, Crystal Lake Elementary Association/IEA, District 155 E. A., Indian Prairie E. A., Unit 5 E.A., Naperville Unit Education Association, and Springfield E. A. Their website only tells half the story and half truths about your union. Their mission is to destroy your union, your voice for public education, and your ability to advocate for your salary and benefits.

When you receive the mailer, write “I Love My Union” on the prepaid envelopes and mail the empty envelope to me and to the district. Then re-seal the original envelope and write “return to sender I love my union”. I want the Illinois Policy Institute to incur a nice little postage bill and also have no idea if they are making an impact on dropped membership.

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact your building rep or me.

Thanks for all you do for your buildings, staff, students and NUMA.

Don Wilkerson

NUMA President

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