Proposed changes to NUMA Bylaws

At this year’s annual meeting (Sunday August 26th, 1:00pm at Kingsley) we will be presenting some changes in our bylaws to be ratified by the members present . These changes are being made in accordance with recommendations from the IEA. We would usually have these posted 30 days before a vote, but we only received the recommendation in the last few days and must present them for a vote at the annual meeting, so we apologize for the shorter notice.

The proposed changes are as follows (Text currently published in our bylaws that is to be changed is in red.)

1: grammatical change- Article VI Section 1


Section 1 – Duties THE EXECUTIVE BOARD shall conduct and supervise the business of the of the Organization, annually recommend a budget for adoption by the membership, undertake such expenditures as are necessary and reasonable for the operation of the organization, consent to the appointment of committees, plan and recommend programs to the membership, develop Bylaws, approve expenditures, run elections, hear election challenges, and consent to the filling of vacancies, and present collective bargaining agreements to the membership for ratification vote.



  • Remove underline, remove “and


2: Article VIII: Section 1


Section 1 – Elections Committee

  1. Composition The Elections Committee is the Executive Board.
  2. Duties Establish procedures for the nominations of Candidates, dissemination of notices concerning the election and conduct of the election and tabulation of the ballots which shall be consistent with the procedures established by the IEA Elections Committee



Section 1- Elections Committee

A. Composition. No person running for office may serve on the Elections Committee for that election.

B. Duties. Establish procedures subject to the approval of the Executive Committee for nomination of candidates, dissemination of notices concerning the election and conduct of the election and tabulation of the ballots consistent with procedures established by the IEA Elections Committee. Hear initial election challenges.

C. Vacancies. Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, whether because a member becomes a candidate for office or for any other reason, the vacancy will be filled in the manner of the original appointment.

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