Update: July 3, 2018

First we would like to congratulate, and thank all those Members that retired this year, for their service, dedication, and support. You have reached the goal we all aspire to, we wish you all the very best!

We would also like to congratulate all those who have stepped up and filled all the vacancies. It is great to see, and has been the goal of this Executive Board to see these positions filled by existing NUMA members.

What just happened in this past Month of June has never occurred before, and hopefully will never happen again. We just had six Head Custodians retire all within the last two months.

Additionally, for those of you that may not know, NUMA’s Executive Board just took a big hit and lost three out of five of its members. We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize these three people and thank them sincerely, for the years and years of service to the District, to the NUMA Board, and to the hundreds of NUMA Members they have helped over the many years they were here. Paul Somerville, Rik Nelson, and Paul Marsala have spent countless hours over the many years they served on the Executive Boards, and have served our members well. You have earned, and deserve our respect and gratitude for a job well done!

In their own words:

Numa Members,

It is with sadness to notify you that I have put in for my retirement, effective June 28, 2018. 

I am relinquishing all union rights, responsibilities and privileges effective immediately.  Going forward, Don Wilkerson will be your new President.  Please contact Don at (630) 470-0074 with any Union issues that you may have.

Seeing that I have started negotiations with the school district, I am offering my services to the NUMA Executive Board to finish contract negotiations and ratification.

I believe that I have made the best possible choice at this time and I am thankful for the cooperation and benefits of working side-by-side with the NUMA union members during my time of leadership.

It has been my pleasure to serve as your President the last 10 years and I wish you all much success in your career at CUSD 203.

-Paul Marsala



Dear NUMA board and NUMA members.

I am sorry to say that I must resign from my position as NUMA Treasurer since on June 30th I have retired from School District 203.

That said, I do know that negotiations are under way. I just want you to know that I would be honored to continue to be a part of the negotiation team if for nothing else but continuity’s sake. Like everyone on the negotiations team, I am committed to getting the best contract for NUMA members. After negotiations are over, then I am committed to retirement. And after I am bored at retirement, I will probably be committed.

None the less, till that time, I am NUMA’s to use and abuse.


Rik Nelson

Former Head Custodian 

Beebe School

Paul recently sent out an update on our progress so far, and why the contract is still in process. The old contract is still in place, and there is no danger in it being past the fiscal date of June 30th. This has happened simply because there just wasn’t time to meet before the end of the fiscal year because the Secretary’s union was ahead of us and used up all the available days in their talks.

Kevin, Johnny, and I would like to thank Paul and Rik for their offer to continue on the negotiations team and look forward to completing this contract, and ratification. We believe it is in the best interest of NUMA that we keep this team together until we complete this task.

We would like to thank you for your patients and support as we work to finish this contract.

You had faith in us when you voted for us, hang in there we will get this done.


-Don Wilkerson

NUMA President




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